New service offered by Pistol Pete

Beginning in April, 2011 we will offer bench/lift repair service for your GL1000/GL1100 Goldwing. By appointment, you can send your assembly i.e. brake caliper/master cyl. assemblies, fork assemblies, etc; or deliver your 'Wing to us and we will provide any service work required (except internal engine rebuilding). You will be able to ride your bike with confidence knowing that what we repaired for you is safe, mechanically sound and will perform to your expectations.

This new service offers, but is not limited to; carburetor cleaning, tire changing, brake system rebuilding, tank cleaning, belt changing, replacement of the points or installation of a Dyna-S system, battery replacement, replacement of missing OEM components such as turn signals, headlights, etc. that have been removed in the past due to the installation of aftermarket fairings or saddlebags. We will replace fuel pumps, or install electric fuel pumps, waterpumps, replacement of brake hoses and cables.

Our goal is to provide a service that will help prolong and preserve the use of these great early Goldwings. If your GL has aftermarket items we can reinstall them after the service work, but have no resources for acquiring or replacing them. Because we are limited for working space and time, we will accept jobs by appointment only. Our work is professional and expertly performed based on our GL1000 restorations and providing maintenance for countless others, you can expect that your Goldwing will operate correctly and safely.

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