The following is an email received from Alan soon after he took "Aussie" home and rode her for the first time.

"Hi Pete,
Its not every day that you are pleasantly surprised by what the day holds for you but today was one of those days for me.
I was at the bonded warehouse at 7.30am for the Quarantine inspection and my first peek at Aussie. I have to admit that I was nervous that some damage might have occurred during transit but I am happy to say that the crate was in tact. And you were right, I sure was dazzled when I saw her. As I suspected I wasn't allowed to take pictures inside the warehouse but I did take a few of the area and the outside to give you a sense of what happened today.
Aussie passed Quarantine inspection with flying colours, I sealed the crate back up and went to Customs to pay yet another bill. About an hour later the taxi truck arrived and we loaded her up and brought her home. Once she was safe in the garage I could take my time and unloaded her at my leisure. It was hard to wipe the smile off my face to day. As you will see from the pictures I disassembled the crate just enough to role her off.
I filled the tank with petrol and after a few turns she fired up, I took her for a spin up the road and she wasn't happy at all, misfiring, no power on acceleration etc but that has to be expected for a bike that hasn't run for a few months. I nursed her home and booked her in for a road test and final inspection for tomorrow so that I can legally register her here in Australia. Although she is still not registered I took her out for a second spin and she sure had settled down after resting for an hour or so. She rode like a dream. It was difficult to restrain my self to the local neighbourhood but to go any further would be taking a risk without valid registration.
By 10am tomorrow morning she'll be fully registered and legal here in Australia and ready to be enjoyed.
You should take a bow Pete, your restoration is a credit to you and to say that I am pleased with what you have done is an understatement. I am one delighted customer. The final piece of the journey will be if you come to visit her sometime.
I'll give you call soon so that I can share my enthusiasm, delight and awe at what you have done, she is just spectacular.
Thanks again my friend, you are a gentleman and a man of your word,
I'll be in touch again soon but in the mean time I'll attach some pictures in some following emails,
All the best


Shown as purchased

This unit is serial number GL1-1000548, has 17660 actual miles and will be available for sale in mid-January.

She is home now in Australia click here for the new owners first email to Pistol Pete after his first ride on her. for details


Restoration in progress

This engine is from a 1976 CB750K and we are currently restoring it for a customer who bought it and all of the parts in a box. We have the engine back into the frame with additional parts restored and installed.

Click here for restoration progress